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We are passed the "tipping point" in the war on cancer

Half of patients diagnosed with cancer today will effectively be “cured” according to the authors of new research, which shows survival rates in England and Wales have doubled since the 1970s.

Experts hailed the landmark findings as a “tipping point” in the war on cancer, and said dramatic improvements in diagnosis and treatment meant the disease could soon be treated as a chronic condition, instead of a death sentence.

The landmark study of 7 million cancer patients suggests that 50 per cent of patients diagnosed today can expect to survive for at least 10 years - by which point their prognosis is as good as that of those without the disease.

Forty years ago, less than one quarter of patients survived a decade, the data from Cancer Research UK shows.

Charities said the trends showed a rapid acceleration in survival, and said they were “confident” of major strides ahead, announcing new ambitions to achieve 75 per cent survival within 20 years.

by Laura Donnelly, Health Editor Daily Telegraph