Brinkmann Gynaecology

Patient Testimonials

A patient’s verdict on their experience with Dr Brinkmann has far more meaning than any words we might write. Please find below a cross section of testimonials from Dr Brinkmann’s patients.

Mrs G 

Something as simple as saying thank you doesn’t seem to be enough for saving lives and making people’s lives easier and better again.  I can’t find the right words but I do want you to know I am so eternally grateful and thankful that you were my surgeon back in 2010.  I’ve just reached the end of my journey with cancer and without you and your team I may not have been here to write this.  I am in awe of every single person who has been involved in my care and recovery.  What you do on a daily basis is beyond amazing.  Thank you for giving me another chance, for allowing me the ability to carry on a normal, happy and healthy life.

Mrs JS

Five years ago you operated on me for a mass on my ovary, which was found to be ovarian cancer stage 4.  I took your medical advice and had chemotherapy to increase my survival rate and I am writing to you today to say thank you and let you know that my five year check is due and I am still here, writing to you today even though the odds were stacked against me.  You and your team saved my life and I wanted you to know I am doing fine.  Thank you so much.

Husband, early 40s

There are truly no words that I can give to do justice for what you have been able to do for the most important person in my life.

Susie, aged 63

When I first came to see you it was based on random choice.  I had neither heard about you, nor looked at your website.  Obviously you are a good surgeon, but that is only part of the story: I had to feel in safe hands and I did.  What is a routine procedure for a surgeon can be a life-changing experience for the patient. After my first consultation I had no doubts.

Although I was booked into hospital for three nights following my hysterectomy by keyhole surgery, I was able to leave after just one.  You had told me that I would probably experience some pain and discomfort for a few weeks and that, if this should become unbearable, I should not hesitate to contact you.  I have not taken a single pain-killer since I left the hospital. I have had no pain or any other form of discomfort.  You did warn me when I came for an assessment after two weeks that I would start to experience a degree of tiredness. Although this did happen, it was more a need for more sleep, rather than the fatigue I had been expecting.  I honestly feel as if I have not had an operation.

I would like to thank you for all your care and patience both before and after surgery.

Vanessa, aged 61

I cannot find words to express my appreciation for all that you have done for me since my original diagnosis. I am sure that without your kindness and support I would not have had the strength to face the ordeal that I have been through. I am grateful, not just for your surgical skills, but also for your sympathetic approach and encouragement when I was uncertain of the outcome.  Please accept this small token of thanks for saving my life.

Joan, aged 91

From my first appointment I have had complete confidence in Mr Brinkmann. He was very caring and took time to explain what the operation involved. He performed the operation with great skill and I recovered very quickly afterwards.

Jessie, aged 20

I would very much like to thank you for looking after my Mum with such great care and being so supportive to us. As someone about to qualify from xxx hospital I know I will not be saving lives the way you did for my Mum and do every day but I will aim to give the same quality of care to my patients. Thank you for your support when we were so fearful and worried. What you do is amazing and we are all so grateful. Most of all, thank you for mending my Mum; she means the world to me.

Rose, aged 60

Thank you for giving me the good news about my 5 year check-up. I am very fortunate. It is so lucky that I went to see my doctor so soon when I had abnormal bleeding. Many thanks to all at the hospital and thank you for saving my life.

Frankie, aged 58

You performed a hysterectomy on me for cancer. Just to say I am now in remission and have been since the end of August. I now weigh a tubby nine stone and sport a punk hairdo (though you’re too young to remember punk!). I have managed to stay off the naughty step and thank you SO much for all your help.

Daisy, aged 45

Just a small note to say ‘a huge thank you’ for your care and looking after me last week. Nothing was too much trouble and for that I am truly grateful. I am feeling really well and I know from having this procedure that it is going to give me the confidence to move on. Once again, many thanks...

Hazel, aged 69

A very big thank you for the magic you worked on my wife Hazel. She is now fully recovered and enjoying her time with the grandchildren and other activities after a very worrying time last year.

Lucy, aged 16

Thank you so much for putting a smile back on Lucy’s face – it means so much. (Lucy’s mum)

Jen, aged 70

My consultation with Mr Brinkmann was so helpful.  I had been rather left to fend for myself and felt this was the first time that I had been able to ask questions and get answers about my woman’s health in relation to my breast cancer.  His empathy and understanding was very supportive and gave me some insight and information, which I feel is the very best way to go forward and be positive in returning to good health.  It was very good to know that I could come back for further advice if needed.