Brinkmann Gynaecology

Making an appointment

How soon will I be seen?

Our ethos is that excellent care should be easily and rapidly accessible and we aim to see any patient within 48 hours or sooner if it’s urgent. You can visit Dr Brinkmann at either Spire Portsmouth Hospital or Nuffield Health Chichester Hospital. An initial consultation lasts 30 minutes and a follow up appointment is 20 minutes.

Are you worried?

We understand some patients may be worried by potential symptoms of cancer and wish to see Dr Brinkmann at the earliest opportunity. In this case, please let us know and we will organise a rapid consultation wherever possible. If you let us know of any investigations you have already had, we will try to obtain the results prior to your appointment.

Paying through medical insurance

Where possible we will arrange for your insurance company to settle your bill directly with us. In order to do this you will need a GP referral letter and pre-authorisation from your insurer before your appointment. Please be aware of the Terms and Conditions of your policy and let us know of any limitations applicable to you. If your policy does not cover consultations or you have a shortfall in your insurance payment, please let us know that you wish to settle your invoice personally.

It is essential to ensure all treatment or surgery is pre-agreed by your insurance company before your admis- sion and that you update your insurance provider throughout the course of your treatment.

Mr Brinkmann partners with all major insurance companies.  He is a BUPA Premier Consultant Partner and and AXA PPP Fast Track Referral partner.

Paying for treatment yourself

If you don’t have private medical insurance or if your policy doesn’t cover consultations or some of the treat- ment you need, you may wish to pay for your treatment yourself. In this instance we will send your invoice to you after your consultation. You can pay by bank transfer or cheque. We may ask you for your credit or debit card details ahead of your consultation if you are not insured.

Please be aware that the hospital may charge for consumables or tests undertaken in the outpatient consulting room.


Many tests, including pelvic ultrasound scans and colposcopy, can be done within your scheduled appointment. Please inform us in advance of any specific procedure planned, such as colposcopy, so that the appropriate arrangements can be made. We will contact you and your GP with your results but if you would like to discuss these in person, please telephone to arrange an appointment.

Arranging your surgery

We understand that you may feel anxious about having surgery, so we aim to address any questions or concerns during your consultation. We can offer you a date for your surgery then or you can take time to consider your options and contact us later with a decision. Wherever possible, we conduct your surgical pre-assessment and pre-operative tests immediately following your appointment to avoid repeat visits to the hospital. Once you have decided on your treatment we will send an admission letter confirming details of costs, fasting schedules and all other information relevant to your stay. You will also be required to sign a consent form for your operation at some point between your out-patient consultation and your visit to theatre.

Paying for your surgery with medical insurance

If you are paying for your procedure with medical insurance you need to liaise closely with your insurer throughout your treatment to ascertain all costs are covered by your policy. In advance of your admission you will need to tell your insurer the date of your procedure and the operation (OPSC) code, which we will provide you when you agree to your surgery. Please contact your insurer with this information and they will give you a pre-authorisation number, which is required by the hospital before your admission.

Paying for surgery yourself

If you don’t have private medical insurance or if your policy doesn’t cover the treatment you need, you may want to pay for your treatment yourself. For most procedures we can offer you a guaranteed price tailored to your treatment so that you know exactly what it will cost. The price includes surgical pre-assessment, surgeon and anaesthetist fees, all hospital costs and a post-operative consultation. This gives you peace of mind and ensures that cost will not change, no matter how complex the procedure.

Personal medical loans

Our aim is to focus solely on your individual treatment and care, but we know that for some patients, getting help with finance can make all the difference. Both Nuffield Health Chichester and Spire Portsmouth Hospitals recommend specialist finance provider First Medical Loans to help arrange affordable finance quickly and easily. For more information please contact the relevant hospital directly.

After your surgery

After your surgery, we will contact you to arrange a post-operative appointment. This is to ensure your recov- ery is on track and takes place 4 to 6 weeks after your operation.

Price list and payments

Consultation charges are for clinic visits only and do not include out of hours appointments.

Initial Consultation £180
Follow up Consultation £130

Procedure prices listed here are guide prices only and are dependent on the hospital where the surgery takes place, the complexity of the operation and the length of stay. You will be provided with a definitive price before you embark on your treatment to ensure peace of mind.

Outpatient procedures

From £395
Cone biopsy/LLETZ From £1,400
Hormone Implants From £100 plus cost of consultation 
Insertion of Mirena From £250 plus cost of consultation
Pelvic ultrasound scan £175

Day case procedures

Diagnostic laparoscopy
From £2,500
Hysteroscopy From £1,500

Inpatient procedures

Abdominal hysterectomy
From £5,600
Endometrial ablation From £3,200
Laparoscopic hysterectomy From £5,500
Operative laparoscopy From £3,500
Prolapse repair From £5,800
Vaginal hysterectomy From £5,600

Cancer Surgery

Each cancer patient’s need is unique and specific to them. Because each solution is tailored to your precise requirements, we do not post prices for cancer surgery. However depending on your circumstances a fixed price package may be available. Why not call us for more information on 023 9245 6072.

Outstanding accounts

Accounts for self paying patients should be settled within one month. Insured patients whose benefits do not cover all their treatment will be informed of their payment shortfall by their insurance provider. Shortfall accounts should be settled by the patient within one month.

Cancellation charges

We suspect your time is as precious as ours so please give us at least 24 hours notice if you cannot make your scheduled appointment. Failure to give notice will attract a fee of £75 for a primary consultation and £50 for a follow-up consultation.

From £395