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News digest: the impact of lifestyle choices on cancer

  • Cancer Research UK part-funded a study which found that people are more successful in taking up healthy habits if their partner makes positive changes too. The BBC, the Guardian and Mail Online covered this too. 
  • This article from the BMJ gives a patient’s take on tackling weight.
  • Not convinced that cancer has been around for a long time? Read this about a new discovery of an old case of cancer. And for nine other persistent cancer myths, read this blog post.
  • Measuring the rate at which smokers break down nicotine could help predict how well certain quitting methods would work for them, according to US scientists. Here’s our news report and the BBC’s take on the findings.
  • A Europe-wide study highlighted the importance of being physically active for overall health – it can reduce the risk of many diseases, including cancer. The findings attracted a lot of media attention – here are the reports from the BBCGuardianTelegraph and the Mail Online, and NHS Choices had this in-depth article on the research.
Source: Cancer Research UK