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Improving cancer survival rates: early diagnosis is key

Newly published data on cancer patients in England show improved survival rates for all major types of the disease.  

The study was conducted by Public Health England into 152,821 patients.  It found that the one-year survival rate for ovarian cancer (the basic measure for estimating the prognosis for different forms of cancer) rose from 68.1% to 74.7%.

Cancer experts say that the improvements are down to advancements in treatments and an increased focus on spotting cancer early, reports the Independent.  This reinforces the work being done this month by the Eve Appeal to raise awareness of gynaecological cancers.  A patient's chance of being successfully treated and their recover from the disease increases the earlier the cancer is diagnosed.

Earlier this year, Cancer Research UK reported that half of all people diagnosed with cancer today can now expect to live for another ten years.

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