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Cervical cancer prevention week

A free test that can quickly and easily detect if a woman is susceptible to developing cervical cancer.

Sound too good to be true?  A routine smear test can do just that, yet hundreds of women fail to go for their routine check-up.  It is Cervical Cancer Prevention Week this week, with the purpose of encouraging women to get tested.

Cervical cancer is a largely preventable disease.  A woman can control her risk of developing the disease with regular screening.  Any abnormalities found can be easily treated so that they do not go on to develop into cancer.  If cervical cancer is discovered during screening, it is usually at a very early stage when treatment has a greater chance of success.  Any abnormal precancerous cells can be eliminated with a quick ten minute procedure.

It is essential that women are aware of the importance of screening, particularly since cervical cancer can have no discernable symptoms.  A smear test is a quick and painless procedure, usually undertaken in your GP surgery at no cost. 

Women up to the age of 50 are advised to have a smear test every three years, and then every 5 years up to the age of 64.