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Cancer strategy taskforce, diagnosis delays, outcomes & survivorship

  • NHS England announced a new Cancer Strategy Taskforce, independently chaired by our chief executive Harpal Kumar. The group will plot how the country can best tackle the challenges that cancer will bring over the next five years. The BBCMail Online and the Telegraph were among the many media outlets to cover the announcement, and Harpal wrote this blog post about his new role.
  • Patients dismissing trivial symptoms could delay a diagnosis of cancer.  Cancer Research UK has more on this story.
  • New NHS figures for England show that, despite improvements, there are still significant differences in outcomes for cancer patients when it comes to age and socio-economic background. We had this article on our news feed and the Mail Online also covered the report.
  • There needs to be more research on issues facing cancer survivors, said experts in the wake of findings that one in three US cancer survivors have unmet physical, psychological and social needs decades after their treatment finished. Our news report has the details.
Source: Cancer Research UK