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A patient says thanks but gratitude works both ways

As a doctor I know it is an undeniable privilege to make a real difference to someone’s quality of life.  I am also very aware that providing good patient care is often about sweating the small stuff and being able to rely on the expertise and support of a great team. 

The media loves to celebrate great acts of heroism but paradoxically it’s often the smallest gestures that receive the greatest appreciation from our patients. 

But, this gratitude works both ways – it’s a joy to receive this letter from our wonderful patient and know that she is doing well.  It’s also a chance to say thank you to my colleagues for their kindness and care in going the extra mile together.

“Something as simple as saying thank you doesn’t seem to be enough for saving lives and making people’s lives easier and better again.

I can’t find the right words but I do want you to know I am so eternally grateful and thankful that you were my surgeon back in 2010.

I’ve just reached the end of my journey with cancer and without you and your team I may not have been here to write this.

I am in awe of every single person who has been involved in my care and recovery.  What you do on a daily basis is beyond amazing.

Thank you for giving me another chance, for allowing me the ability to carry on a normal, happy and healthy life.