Brinkmann Gynaecology

Welcome to Brinkmann Gynaecology

With more than 20 years experience, Dr Brinkmann provides an unparalleled breadth and knowledge in the field of women’s medicine. Practicing private general, surgical and cancer gynaecology for women across Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex, it is this unique range and discreet professionalism that sets the practice apart.

Why choose Brinkmann Gynaecology

For over a decade, people from all walks of life have found answers at Brinkmann Gynaecology. Here are some reasons women have chosen us for their medical care:

-  Experience and reach 
-  Unique range, breadth of treatment and surgery
-  Satisfied patients and an unparalleled experience 
-  One-stop care 
-  We take the time you need 
-  Many viewpoints 
-  Technology, innovation and research 


Mr Brinkmann accepts patients from Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex and the Channel Islands. International patients please click here.

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